A satisfied user as a result of listening closely

By listening carefully to the needs of the end user, Darwing has become a device that meets the requirements of ideal arm support on many fronts. Darwing helps people who could not be helped before. There are even applications for Darwing that the developers themselves had not yet considered. A woman with spasms derives stability and safety from Darwing. A boy with a spinal injury is able to eat, drink and scratch his head again.

"Floor now sits up straight and that looks amazing"

Fourteen-year-old Floor Swinnen is one of the Darwing users. Floor suffers from a muscular disease that caused the strength in her arms to steadily decrease. Her mother recounts the process of finding the appropriate arm support: "We tried and tested all available arm supports. None of these devices were as nice-looking, durable and effective as Darwing. Fortunately, we got in touch with the people from Focal. They were very motivated to improve Floor’s situation. The first time Floor was fitted with Darwing, she was beaming so much that it brought tears to my eyes. We now have had Darwing at home for some weeks. During dinner, Floor now sits up straight and that looks amazing. It takes her no effort at all anymore to lift a spoon to her mouth. Typing is going terrifically as well. Before, she had to ‘walk’ her fingers to another part of the keyboard. Now her hands are floating above the keys. Little by little she is starting to discover that Darwing has a lot to offer."